The following is a list of people who have contributed with content, features and fuctionality to the site such as but not limited to subject matter expertise, content listings, hyperlinks, design and development:


Professional Subject Matter Expertise Contributors:



Student Contributors:

  • Roberto Jolliffe:  Worked on the Shared Your Knowledge section for user sign up and created content for the Education portion of the site which included submitting links to the subsections of Continuing Education and Certifications & Training.
  • Chris Schaible: Modified Sustainable San Antonio website to be mobile compliant. Researched and configured Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. Researched and installed Ads by plugin for ad management. 
  • Megan Lopez: Added information to Biofuels and Fossil Fuels page. Researched and configured plugins for eCards (CodeCanyon) and Newsletter (Satollo).
  • Peter Duque De Estrada IV: Removed Facebook Comment from bottom of page, found and emailed Mr. Lane YouTube Account Info and Emailed Chris Gmail Account Info. Found and Installed Business Directory Plugin LDD Business Director, Configured Plugin and Added LDD Plugin to Business Directory Page. Researched Content Monetization Plugin. Setup Cleeng Plugin – Created account on, Installed and Configured Plugin. Updated Menu Bar & Repositioned Reserched News & Feed Spacing. Researched Alternative News Feeds. Installed and Configured Plugin FeedWordPress. Uninstalled FeedWordPress Plugin. Add business to Business Directory Page. Research other possible Business Directory Plugins. Installed Connections Plugin and Added business to directory. Researched RSS Plugins
    and Add RSS Feeds. Configued feedburner. Install "Follow Button for FeedBurner" Plugin. Installed "Primary FeedBurner" and Configured Primary FeedBurner. Create Local/Regional News, add shortcode for rss plugin. Researched, Add and configure RSS Feed Subscription. Researched blogs for blogs roll.Add blogs to blog roll. Researched RSS subscription analytics username: sustainablesanantonio Reviewed Be Listed. Edit RSS Feed Subscripiton title Be Listed Research.
  • Sara Chapa-Hawkins: Added a News events page and an rss feed on that page which displays dfferent go green events that are occuring in san antonio and neighboring ereas. Added a calander with a few events on the events page.

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