Sustainable Patriots

People, planet, profit: none can survive without the others — and the world is starting to understand this holistic view of sustainability. This is the purpose of the Sustainability Gang.

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As investors are beginning to see a strong link between corporate sustainability performance and financial performance. That’s creating a bigger demand for better data — and better business models.

In 2012 a survey of more than 3,000 executives by the MIT Sloan Management Review found that more than 70 percent of companies have made sustainability a permanent addition to their management agendas. A subsequent survey in 2013 by the same group reports that more than 60 percent of companies who added sustainability to the management agenda saw an increase in profit.

When business gets it, that’s good. But it will take a cross-disciplinary “coming together” for survival. Businesses are dependent on a healthy operational society — and they’re definitely dependent on a healthy operational environment.

“It’s really about how we are going to survive as a species, how we’re going to survive as society, and what our economic systems are going to look like. But figuring out what sustainability actually means and how to enact change can be a very controversial topic. There are lots of differing options on what to focus on and when.

Subsequently, this is the purpose of the Sustainability Gang.