Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies

AECT was established in 1989, and has been building quality equipment for the Earthen Construction industry. We have machines in the US and 27 foreign countries.

Soil is an inexpensive building material and earthen construction has certainly stood the test of time. The AECT "CEB" machines could easily re-establish CEB/Adobe as a primary building material around the world and the CEB's are the original green building technology.

These portable, self-contained machines reduce material cost and labor for both residential and commercial construction. The AECT CEB machines provide compressed soil blocks on site and ready to lay in the wall. The average rate of block per hour for each machine are: Impact 2001: 290-300 blocks, 2500HD (Morphed Impact with 3500 & added Hopper): 480 blocks, 3500: 480 blocks.
Each machine uses a minimum amount of electrical power or diesel fuel. The low fuel cost helps the concern for energy savings in the cost of production of blocks as a building material.

Compressed soil blocks have now become a viable product that can be mass-produced to high technological standards. Soil Block Construction offers people a natural, environmentally friendly and inexpensive solution to the rising costs of building and energy.

Due to heating and cooling efficiency, the real savings is in the cost of ownership, as well as the construction savings that apply.

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