World Centric Products

World Centric® products are the eco-friendly solution to your everyday consumption choices. Our 100% compostable products are made from renewable resources, require less energy and water to produce and reduce pollution and waste.


Sustainability is the idea that civilization as a whole can act in a way that supports not only social equality but also protects the earth’s ecosystems and natural resources for generations to come. At World Centric® we try our best to do our part – in the products we sell, how we run our business, what we do with our profits and the values we hold. We list the things we are currently doing to be a sustainable company. Please click through the graphics below to find out more about our efforts.

  • Carbon Footprint. We partner with grassroots environmental and social organizations whose programs not only offset carbon emissions but also create sustainable livelihoods.
  • Donate. Give at least 25% of our profits to create social and environmental sustainability.
  • Discounts. Provide 20% discount to schools and non-profits. Offer compostable lunch trays at cost to schools to replace Styrofoam trays.
  • Manufacturing Audits. Regularly audit outsourced factories under Fair Labor Association guidelines, to ensure fair wages and working conditions for workers.
  • Zero Waste. Strive to be a zero-waste office and are a proud member of the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council.

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