Sustainable San Antonio is a nexus of organizations and people deploying sustainable development technology through practice and education to explore, explain and demonstrate:

  • What is sustainability?
  • Why does it matter, is important or should we care?
  • How can we all benefit, profit and prosper?

Sustainable San Antonio is:

  • Focused on the long-term health and sustainability of the San Antonio Metro Area and global community.
  • Working to provide a platform to be used as a catalyst and resource for positive change.
  • Developing sets of community-based indicators, measuring and making progress towards sustainability.
  • Collaborating with individuals, businesses, governments, academia and organizations dedicated to environmental stewardship and socio-economic proficiencies in order to advocate and champion a sustainable form of economic development to opinion leaders throughout these sectors.
  • Providing indicator reports to reach thousands of people and spark the formation of other community groups locally and throughout the world.
  • Creating programs that use environmental action and education as a launching point for citizen engagement with the end goal of an overall healthier, more prosperous and vibrant community for all.
  • A community resource for sustainable development technologies and practices throughout the San Antonio Metro Area & beyond.

The Vision of Sustainable San Antonio is:

  • To live, work, and play in the greater San Antonio Metro Area while sustaining vital local economies and livable, socially just communities.
  • To always strive to have healthy ecosystems and be responsible stewards of our resources.
  • To bring innovators, change agents and transformers together in making San Antonio into a model for other communities around the world and being a catalyst and leader for positive action.
  • To perfect and deploy this model of outreach to cities, states and countries throughout the world.

The Mission of Sustainable San Antonio is:

  • To facilitate individuals, organizations and businesses to build an immediately supportable future through innovation, education and on-the-ground projects which prove sustainable development to be a more profitable form of development.


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