Community gardens are a great way to get people in neighborhoods involved with their community. With programs such in San Antonio as Green Spaces Alliance, you can easily get involved in a community garden nearest to you with the below map. You can also find community gardens by using this CG Network page. You will find an online map with garden locations and other helpful information for you.

Being part of a community garden is also a great way to educate your children. Children can help out with planting and caring for the crops while learning about where their food comes from and also building relationships with the other gardeners and their families. These gardens provide a great way to bond with your family and get a bit of exercise while doing so.

There are different ways of running a community garden. Some of them are known as a communal garden where everyone works on the garden collectively and shares the rewards. Others community gardens are what is known as "plot" gardens, where every member maintains and benefits from their own plot (garden space). These community gardens have a variety of different uses. Some gardens are just for growing flowers and trees while others are used for growing vegetables and other crops. However, there are some gardens where people grow both vegetables and flowers too!

Check out this Resources for Gardens page for information on starting your own community garden as well as obtaining funding for it. Here is a list of local San Antonino Community Garden websites:

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