• City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability

    • SA Tomorrow is the name given to the city led planning effort to help our community attain the vision and goals from SA2020 as well as to prepare for an anticipated population growth of 1.1 million throughout the metropolitan area by 2040, essentially doubling the size of San Antonio. The site features a three plans in one overview and is an unprecedented multi-faceted planning initiative to accommodate this growth. The planning effort will explore how to preserve the San Antonio culture and increase livability through ensuring housing and transportation choices as our city grows. The three interrelated plans include:

      • The Comprehensive Plan is the first update to the City's plans since 1997 and is the first modern Comprehensive Plan. It is being developed by the City of San Antonio’s Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) to address land use, urban design and municipal policy to coordinate various City resources and incentive programs to accommodate projected growth and provide more choices for future and current residents. You can use this website to stay informed and involved about the blueprint for the future of our city and also join this virtual town hall for an ongoing dialogue about the Comprehensive Plan.

      • The Sustainability Plan is grounded in the three pillars of sustainability—social, economic, and environmental. The sustainability plan will include metrics of success that will be tracked and reported. It is a roadmap for enhancing our community’s quality of life and overall resilience while balancing the impact of our expected growth with existing economic, environmental, and social resources.

      • The Transportation Plan, also referred to as a Multimodal Transportation Plan, will set and communicate the City’s transportation strategy and provide a method for prioritizing projects through 2040. It is a plan for all modes of transportation, including cars, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians and will develop proposed multimodal improvements and serve as a tool to analyze transportation priorities to best meet community goals.

  • City of San Antonio Neighborhood Sustainability Assessment

  • Alamo Area Council of Governments – Air Quality and Health

To act locally get to know your City of San Antonio Mayor & City Council. If you don't know your City Council District, go here, enter your street name, follow the prompts and your list of political districts, including your City Council District, will appear.


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