In these sections and sub-sections, you'll find info about the Best Practices of sustainable development, such as how to increase productivity while reducing wasteful consumption by embracing the latest innovations and technologies of today and the near future.

We believe our local communities have an important role to play in developing an entrepreneurial climate through this initiative to participate in a public platform to discuss, explore and promote the best practices of sustainability which encourage the creation of a more resilient and robust economy with high-paying green tech jobs that support additional efforts to facilitate our ability to adopt sustainable lifestyles – for it's not a matter of if, but how quickly it happens.

If you would like to add your voice to the conversation, please feel free to contact us or share your knowledge like Gus Stewart, the gentle Grump did. He loves helping people make good environmental choices. He is a self-described green activist and wanted to share some resources that he gathered for a teaching guide.

These are fun, useful resources for people who are just getting started on their journey to being green. It’s an important journey for all of us to take. Much thanks to Gus! Check out Gus’s website for more great info: