Knowledge is power and educating ourselves about sustainability and gaining specific education can help us to pass it on and share with others. In the subsections (Certifications & Training & Continuing Education) links are provided with information where we can begin and continue our education on sustainability.

Additionally, Texas GreenSources, provided by the University of Texas at San Antonio's Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute, is a FREE classroom resourcing project developed by the University of Texas at San Antonio and the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute. It provides teachers access to lesson plans, curriculum units and other teaching resources that integrate our community’s unique environmental, social and economic aspects through learning that is local, relevant, and engaging. This learning is referred to as Education for Sustainable Development or ESD.

Each resource has been reviewed by an experienced educator and matched to relevant curriculum outcomes for the state of Texas, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the College and Career Readiness Standards and the North American Association Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education. Click here to go to the resources.

  • Garden Education SeriesEach year, Green Spaces Alliance brings a series of gardening work(ing)shops, training sessions, service-learning events, and celebrations to San Antonio. The series was originally designed for community gardeners in 2007 but has translated well for hobbyists, institutions, and backyard gardeners over the years. Lessons acquired from Green Spaces’ events are applicable to most aspects and landscapes in your life. If you are an experiential or visual learner then GSA has something for you!

  • The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability is the hub of Arizona State University’s sustainability initiatives. The Institute advances research, education, and business practices for an urbanizing world. Its School of Sustainability, the first of its kind in the U.S., offers trans-disciplinary degree programs focused on finding practical solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges.