The Food Policy Council of San Antonio (FPCSA) was formed by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, under a Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services to bring together stakeholders from diverse community sectors to examine how well the current local food system is working for people’s health and well-being, and then develop policy recommendations to improve it. FPCSA works closely with local and state government partners in making recommendations for policy, actions and programs.

The Future of Farming is Holistic and Polyface Farms is a leader in this future. Watch the video to see how they interrelate biomimicry with the study and mimicking of ecosystems. And then click on this link Polyface Farm videos with Joel Salatin to learn more of what they’re doing.

San Antonio Gardening:
Companion Planting can be described as the establishment of two or more plant species in close proximity so that benefits such as pest control, higher yield, etc. can be derived from the practice. Click on our Vegetable and Herbs Companion Planting Charts to learn more.

Here is your San Antonio Area Planting Calendar in pdf format suitable for printing. I’ve been giving these away for years. Includes most favorable dates for planting and destroying crops yielding their harvest ABOVE and BELOW ground for Spring and Fall Gardens. 

Please give some love to the helpful folks at Fanick’s Nursury and Garden Center by buying something from them! They are really great people, have been around for years and are experts and one of the few remaining independent nurseries in the San Antonio Metro area. Doing so helps support local businesses and keeps our dollars in the community while lowering our carbon footprint.

Fanick’s Garden Center – With knowledgeable staff to Assist you
1025 Holmgreen Road (map/directions) San Antonio, TX. 78220
Tel: 210-648-1303 Open 7 days a week – 8:30am to 5:00pm
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San Antonio Food Bank's Geoffrey Martin (left) instructs kids from the East Side Boys & Girls Club's Young Earth Helpers group in planting cauliflower and broccoli beside the club facility on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Martin and the Food Bank see the planting of the gardens as a good way to provide education to the public about nutrition and wellness. Martin hopes to harvest the vegetables by January and the kids can see and consume the fruits of their labor. Photo: Kin Man Hui, Staff / ©2012 San Antonio Express-NewsSharing a Vegetable Vision With Children – Geoffrey Martin spent decades working for large agricultural firms, tackling acres in the tens of thousands. Now he is deriving perhaps his greatest joy from helping disadvantaged children set up small-scale vegetable gardens across San Antonio.

“You don’t engage them by giving them a lecture,” he says. “You engage them by letting them squish the bad bugs – by letting them smell the chicken-manure fertilizer.” Read more…

The basil plants in the gardent of Lyn and Mike Belisle are in full bloom. Their garden is one of many that will be featured on the San Antonio Herb Society garden tour on September 22. Photo: John Davenport, STAFF / San Antonio Express-NewsCouple Tackles Their Landscape Bit By Bit – When yard work got to be, well, work for Lyn and Mike Belisle, they decided to divide and conquer. By sectioning their landscape into informal pocket gardens, they also carved the maintenance into manageable chunks.

Their yard was featured on a garden tour sponsored by the San Antonio Herb Society which has annual tours benefiting the culinary arts program at St. Phillips College. Read more…



San Antonio Farmers Markets Map: Mercados de los Granjeros

Located in neighborhoods all across the metro area, these markets offer affordable locally-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more. Most of the farmers’ markets in San Antonio carry organic meats, produce and other products.

Map maintained by Now Cast SA Have a location to add or update? Photos or video you’d like to share and have published? Email Us!

View Farmers’ Markets in San Antonio: Mercados de los Granjeros in a larger map


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