Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

It is a creative design process that is based on ethics and design principles. It guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships we can find in nature and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, from appropriate technology to education and even economics.

By adopting the ethics and applying these principles in our daily life we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at home and in our local communities that will help us prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy.

The techniques and strategies used to apply these principles vary widely depending on the location, climatic conditions and resources that are available. The methods may differ, but the foundations to this holistic approach remain constant. By learning these principles you can acquire valuable thinking tools that help you become more resilient in an era of change.

Read below to learn more and to get locally involved go here:  San Antonio Permaculture in Practice Meet-Up Group



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  1. Hello,

    The Alamo Sierra Club requests a presentation on permaculture for Thursday, March 24th, at 6:30 pm, at Lion's Field, at 2809 Broadway at Mulberry.  We have laptop, projector, screen.  We meet in Community Rm down hallway to left at Lion's Field.  You have one hour and fifteen minutes, including Q&A for presentation.  Hope this time works for you.  Please respond soon. Thanks, Barb McMillin 996-5154 cell.






    ALAMO SIERRA CLUB  PROGRAM FOR WED, FEB 24TH, AT LION'S FIELD, 2809 BROADWAY @ MULBERRY, AT 6:30 pm will be Urban Farming and Food Cottage Industries by Leslie Provence of the Food Policy Council.  Details follow below.



    Leslie Provence is a founding member and VP of the Food Policy Council of San Antonio. whose vision is "Fresh, healthy, affordable food available to all in a vibrant local food economy." On January 1, 2016, the City Council adopted Food Policy Council amendments for the Unified Development Code. Leslie will explain what the amendments cover and how folks can take advantage of them. They include the ability to grow and sell fruits, veggies, and cottage foods from your home garden or greenhouse, and the ability to farm on property other than your home. The topic of water use in sustainable versus conventional agriculture is also part of the discussion. Approved for Advanced Training by the Alamo Area Master Naturalists.

  3. Hey guys! I was studying permaculture in Houston, but did not have much opportunity to practice it. Now that I am living in San Antonio I am looking to get involved with the local community and start permaculture designed food forests at the homes of people I know here. Can you guys send me links for good resources on educating myself on the ecology of san antonio and also ways of connecting with the local sustainable community of SA?

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