Smart Street Lighting

Echelon's Smart Street Lighting solution transforms streetlights into intelligent, energy-efficient, remotely managed networks that deliver dependable lighting at 30% less cost than low-energy luminaires alone. Over the long term, Smart Street Lightingserves as a foundation for building a Smart City. Smart Street Lighting from Echelon allows a city to easily schedule lights on or off and set dimming levels of individual or groups of lights so a city can intelligently provide the right level of lighting needed by time of day, season, or weather conditions.

Cities using Echelon’s solution reduce their street lighting energy use by an average of 30% in addition to any savings from more efficient lights. The city of Oslo, a Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative best practices example, reduced energy consumption by 62% with Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution. In China, 500,000 smart streetlights using Echelon power line technology will come online by 2014, with an expected energy reduction of 55%. Smart street lighting is often just the first step to a smarter city, for example, Quebec added a bus lane control system to Echelon’s Street Lighting Solution and eliminated the cost of a second infrastructure.

Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting solution is a proven, open standard and multi-application platform. The key benefits of the solution include:

•    30% less energy use in addition to savings from high efficiency lamps

•    20% or more savings per year in operating and maintenance costs

•    Better living environments with more reliable and safer lighting

•    The ability to mix lamp technologies to suit the needs of the city and accommodate new lamp types

An expandable infrastructure that supports multiple applications such as traffic, weather and motion monitoring.

Solar Traffic Systems

A solar powered traffic stop sign with the capability of enhancing any intersection just by mounting onto an existing sign post. The stop sign has multiple function modes that are designed per your specifications, and you can also program them in the field with easy switch technology.

Bring traffic compliance and awareness to any intersection within minutes of mounting the sign.

With a "Go Green" national campaign underway, a solar powered stop sign using only power from the sun to illuminate the sign will show your commitment to this cause and help save lives and reduce property damage.


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