Agency wants to make SA no-kill honey bee city

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency has a goal to make San Antonio a no-kill honey bee city.

In a response to its plea, District 2 Councilman Alan Warrick reached out to the agency for its services.

More News Headlines Bees may be busier this winter. The agency performed an extraction from the home of an East Side resident Saturday.

The agency’s hope is to team up with the city in the future to provide bee sanctuaries and make the city green. It also believes Texas needs to focus on relocation instead of termination of the bees.

“It’s much easier for a poison guy to come and spray his stuff on, also a lot less time. It’s going to take us five hours today. It’ll take the pesticide man about five minutes,” said Walter Schumacher, CEO of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. “A lot of people say it’s cost-effective to kill the bees, but in the long run, it’s not very cost effective for your grandchildren.

”The agency said without honey bees, Texas could lose billions of dollars in agriculture production.

Source: Agency wants to make SA no-kill honey bee city


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