David Hendricks: Mexico, S.A. on same energy page

Castro, accompanied by his chief of staff, Robbie Greenblum, Deputy City Manager A.J. Rodriguez and others, visited Monday with the ministry’s undersecretary for energy planning and technological development, Sergio Alcocer. Castro briefed Alcocer on CPS Energy’s new thrust to combine alternative energy investments with job creation. Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission, known as CFE, is experimenting with solar but, as with nearly everywhere else, the challenge of wide deployment of residential rooftop solar panels persists because of upfront costs. For energy efficiency, Mexico already has advanced consumer programs in place, including replacing lighting, or bulbs, in houses and small businesses and the replacement of electricity-gobbling refrigerators. Mexico’s desert state of Sonora, with its large solar potential, is setting up a national research laboratory jointly with the University of Arizona.






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