How Is Your City Saving Energy? San Antonio Rank #16 TOTAL SCORE: 42.5

A new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks America's 34 largest cities on what they are doing to save energy and costs in five key areas. Click on the map to see how cities scored. Here are the recommendations for San Antonio:

  • Strong energy-savings goals for government and community set through the Mission Verde and SA2020 plans.
  • Dedicated funding and staff to carry out energy-saving strategies.
Areas for Improvement
  • Adopt the latest building energy codes and increase resources for code compliance.
  • Partner with utilities to increase investment in electric and natural gas efficiency programs; improve access to energy data.
  • Develop energy-saving requirements and incentives for private buildings, such as energy rating and reporting.

via ACEEE (American Council or an Energy Efficient Economy).



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