How ‘resilient’ is San Antonio?

San Antonio Councilmember Ron Nirenberg cited several initiatives, such as a review of water policies, that he said shows the city is aiming for a sustainable future.

He spoke Friday at a conference, titled, “San Antonio Environmental Challenges: Opportunities in Resilience,” a collaboration of imagineSanAntonio, Solar San Antonio and Rackspace, which hosted the event. For two consecutive Fridays, the conference brought together experts to discuss climate change, drought management, disasters, pollution and other natural and man-made challenges. Organizers said the event stimulated discussion that could lead to action, and possibly a similar gathering in 2015.

The premise of his speech was that San Antonio has the “political will to become a resilient city” because many citizens are vocal, and leaders are listening.

“I believe that in San Antonio, creating a culture of civic engagement should be our greatest concern,” Nirenberg said.

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