If You Want To Frac Clean Up Your Act

An open verse to the National Petroleum Council, and who else to include? Please comment below and feel free to forward along to those who could most benefit…

If you’re going to frac, at least, clean up your act.
Have some damn self-respect and consideration
for yourself, children and future generations.

If you want to frac, then clean up your act.
And quit your flaring! It causes people to wheeze,
and at the very least to sneeze violently!
Stop operating so sloppily, as if your business is an old jalopy!

So what if gas is too cheap to capture compared to flare.
When you flare too much methane is released into our atmosphere,
turning, “now we’re cooking with gas”, into being no better than burning coal.
Come on you mental wimp, rise to the challenge, sack up and clean up your act!

Cause the rest of us don’t care to bear the cost of your wasteful operating methods.
So, if not for us, at least for yourself, have some damn self-respect,
and fix your inefficient wasteful plumbing problem of a deficit
that you continue to allow in it’s release of greenhouse gas emissions.

If you want to frac, clean up your act! And quit using
10,000,000 gallons of fresh water to frack one well.
Reuse flowback, clean and recycle wastewater fluids so you won't
need so many disposal wells, that too often cause earthquakes.

Have some self-respect and properly monitor
your well sites and pipelines, and take personal responsibility
to clean up your act, if you wanna frac.
Then you don't have to be crony capitalist exempt,
from the clean air, water and safe drinking water acts.

Otherwise, sooner rather than later, you’ll be disrupted out of business,
with more efficient, cheaper and cleaner renewable sources of energy.
Whale blubber and buggy whips were once fine industries too,
but it didn't take a rocket scientist to say, “who woulda knew”,
that new technology rewards you to move along to better ways,
of doing things these days that help you clean up your act.

So if you want to frac, at least clean up your act
and do something to shut up those damn hippies, treehuggers
and other do-gooders, who not only just want to make this world a better place,
but actually know they can, by getting up off their cans,
and doing something about shutting your dirty-ass industry down.
So if you want to frack, please, clean up your act and become a class act.

Your mother, children and grandchildren will be glad and proud of you that you did.

So if you want to frac clean up your act, asshole, we don’t want our country to become
a shithole country…like 45 likes to talk about and so much despises.

I hope we got my fracs straight, er, uh, I mean facts straight?
You can get confused when things go horizontal, rather than just directional,
and that's just a fraction of it, but you still need to make a correction to your operating methods!

Otherwise, people will continue to make art like this about your industry:

When you don't clean up your act this art is how people react.
When you don't clean up your act this art is how people react.

*Much thanks to Alice Canestaro-Garcia for her artwork, support and encouragement to post this. Alice has an excellent history in the arts community and working in the fine arts industry as a talented artist and also as a highly skilled researcher, events and strategic planner, teacher, and great community outreach advocate. Also, much thanks to these great spirits who believe everyday in putting their actions into being the change and leading the change. And on April 28th at the steps of City Hall provided the inspiration to write this: Sophia Sepulveda, Claudia Sanchez, Pete Bella, Moby Warren, Greg Harman, Deceleration, Climate Action SA


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