No, Renewables Aren’t Going to Blow Up the Grid : Greentech Media

The German experience shows that there are some real challenges associated with renewables integration. But they're not technical — they are mostly related to rate structures, the high cost of legacy renewable energy subsidies and overlapping energy markets between countries.

A new study from PJM, America's largest wholesale competitive energy market, once again shows that high amounts of renewables can be integrated without harming the grid or necessarily raising energy prices — and it doesn't take a whole lot of engineering muscle. In this week's show, we'll look at PJM's analysis of renewable energy integration, and ask why so many myths persist about renewables' role on the grid.

Later in the show, we'll take a look at what Minnesota's new "value of solar" tariff means for the solar industry, and ask if a proposal from environmentalists to buy out the entire coal industry is feasible.

listen to audio via No, Renewables Aren’t Going to Blow Up the Grid : Greentech Media.

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