Pocacito (Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow) in San Antonio

From Deleration.news:

"Because much of the official discussion and implementation of the circular economy has taken place from the top down, on the level of governments and industries, we were most interested to hear about local, bottom-up, and community-driven efforts not just to transform large-scale material flows but the social relations in which they are embedded."

As such, Deceleration had the opportunity to interview representatives of Pocacito (Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow), an initiative of Ecologic Institute whose goal is to build trans-Atlantic solidarity and intellectual exchange around local creative efforts for a renewable economy and planet.

In the meantime, check out the opening exchange on Facebook of their "Eight to Infinity" tour (think eight cities, then lay the eight on its side to invoke ideas of a permanent economy/culture), held at San Antonio College's Eco Centro.

Also of interest to folks here interested in solidarity economy, climate justice, energy descent/democracy, permaculture, transition, degrowth, and cooperation, over the next two days, Pocacito brings visionary representatives from Madrid, Spain, and Marseille, France to UTSA CACP Speaker Series: Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow and University of the Incarnate Word.

For more details and to catch them at one of their next San Antonio talks:on these upcoming events, see:

Monday, October 1, 2018, at UTSA (“Radically Collaborative“) and Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at University of Incarnate Word (“From Circular Economy to Circular Society Workshop in San Antonio“).


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