Raffle winners demonstrate EE first, then solar | The Solar Times

Although the price of solar has dropped over the years, the up-front cost of installing a residential solar PV system — on average $7,000 to $10,000 after the federal tax credit and CPS Energy rebate — can still be prohibitive.

For those looking to save money, Solar San Antonio always recommends homeowners take advantage of low-cost energy efficient home improvements to lower their energy bill before making the bigger investment of solar.

A handful of lucky solar supporters have been able to get solar PV systems for much less by purchasing raffle tickets during past SSA fundraisers.

The most recent raffle winner, Oscar Guajardo, is a solar advocate and proud owner of a new solar system.

Oscar, wife Cate Cebrowski, and three kids live in a neighborhood in San Antonio’s north side. They recently moved to their current home and are very excited about the new solar system they won through one of SSA’s fundraiser. A local solar company, Advanced Solar & Electric LLC, donated the system.

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