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SAN ANTONIO — City Council members told a CPS Energy official Wednesday that the utility's hoped-for timeline to charge fees for future solar customers is too abrupt, saying they need more information before making a decision.

In a council briefing, Cris Eugster, CPS' executive vice president and chief generation and strategy officer, said the utility hoped the council would vote on the matter next week, allowing the utility to begin to charge the fees starting July 1.

But council members balked at the proposal and the timeline, even though CPS recently reduced the proposed amounts it wants to charge solar customers.

“It sounds to me, and I'm a bit concerned about this, that what we're really doing is providing a disincentive to people in the future to have any kind of solar program,” council member Mike Gallagher said. “I'm concerned that in the long term we are going to destroy this solar-panel program.”

Council member Ivy Taylor echoed that, asking, “Are we dis-incentivizing solar?” She said she hopes for one-on-one meetings to learn more, adding: “I think the timeline is a little short.”

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