Solar Power Continues Explosive Growth

The use of solar power as an alternative energy source is growing at an explosive rate, according to recently released industry reports. In the US, the growth was recorded at more that 40 percent from the previous year, with the total energy generated, exceeding 12,000 mw, while global capacity of energy from photovoltaics exceeds 100 gigawatts. The explosive growth rates, make solar power the fastest growing form of alternate energy, moving it ahead of other energy sources such as wind, nuclear, coal and gas.

The figures complied by the Industry Association, and GTM Research indicates that solar may have become a viable alternate that can be adopted for everyday use. There is now enough capacity in the US to power almost 2.5 million homes, with there is huge potential for the addition of even more capacity, as a tipping point has been reached. The president of the Solar Energy Industry Energy Association, Rhone Resch says that in the past 18 months, more solar installations were completed, that there were in the previous three decades.

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