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Thank you in advance for your input! We're asking for feedback about what subject(s) outline, organization, sections, etc. to include as we add text, images, video & more. If you came here by way of social media, click home for what this site is to become. You can provide direct feedback below &/or contact us about, but not limited, to:

  • Whether we need to add, delete, modify or better organize the current topics outline of the site
  • Your knowledge & expertise about what to encompass in informing & promoting sustainability
  • Important content, subject matter experts & organizations to contact, include &/or feature
  • Link exchanges to build community for a thriving sustainable economy (i.e. businesses, organizations, etc. in San Antonio Metro, South & Central Texas area)
  • A topic to which you'd like to contribute
  • Events to announce, post in calendar & promote
  • Spread the word about our efforts to stimulate growth of sustainable practices

Are you a subject matter expert? Do you have a business or passion you would like to share with others and educate the public about? If so, please fill out the form so we may help by providing a platform for your knowledge and ideas.

Comments and/or questions are always welcome. If you have a referral please let us know and we will follow up. Thank you in advance and we look forward to communicating with you.

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Content Input & Feedback — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I wasn't at Green Drinks this last time.  I found this on the FB group.
    Anyway, I'm a worm composter and can contribute my expertise as needed.  Worm composting uses worms to transform kitchen scraps and newspaper into a very high quality compost.  It can be done in very small spaces or through communal efforts.  It reduces waste going to the landfill and supports biodiversity and organic matter in the soil.  Healthy soil sequesters carbon and holds water.  Worms are also a great addition to aquaponics systems, providing available plant growth and fruiting hormones as well as many minerals.
    the worm coach

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