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SAN ANTONIO — CPS Energy recently took some lumps for its proposed solar fees.

That proposal was shelved after concern the fees would be an obstacle to residential solar, which is only beginning to gain traction in San Antonio.

But the utility deserves hardy praise for its community solar plan, which will make supporting solar energy possible for many more San Antonians.

Different models are under consideration, but in essence, CPS customers will be able to lease or purchase portions of a solar installation, with the energy then being sold back to CPS.

A private, third-party, which could take advantage of tax credits, would build or own the installations.

For example, a homeowner association may install a system and then sell panels to interested homeowners, the Express-News' Taylor Tompkins reported.

Or CPS customers could buy panels at installations miles away from their homes.

Lanny Sinkin, executive director of the nonprofit Solar San Antonio, has been supportive of community solar, and so are we.

Compared to other energy sources, solar power is clean; and as we all know, there is no shortage of sun in South Texas.

CPS Energy should be commended for this initiative, which will help make solar energy accessible to all.

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