Sustainable San AntonioEverything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently and making a better future.

If you are the kind of person who thinks differently and wants to have more control over the every day aspects of your life, we believe sustainability is for you and you too will come to believe, sustainability is for you and everyone.

We believe in sustainability because it provides a more resilient, livable world for our children. We believe sustainable practices are part of the natural laws of nature, economics and society, that when genuinely practiced, creates world wide climate wealth providing a healthier and more profitable existence for all.

Come learn why we believe sustainability is for everyone, is important to everyone's present and future and what exactly it means to be sustainable.

In an effort to facilitate discussion and answer questions about sustainability, Sustainable San Antonio has been developed to serve as a community platform to disseminate information and educate ourselves about the benefits of building a more resilient society.

Our goal is to bring together the general public, researchers, policy makers and subject matter experts so we all may have a better understanding of what is sustainability and what we can do to have a ubiquitous sustainable lifestyle that builds prosperity, profitability and return on investment.

We look forward to working with community members to demonstrate how sustainable products, services and practices produce a more thriving economy, viable society and healthful environment for San Antonio and our global community.

Please join us in this effort as we encourage you to share your ideas related to the fifth fuel and the sustainable integrative design of clean renewable whole-system energy solutions for homes and commercial properties in the world's Third Industrial Revolution.

We invite you to use this site to build your own associations and relationships based around the following:

  • News & Information
  • Business & Organizations
  • Education, Discussion & Debate
  • Transportation, Building, Industry & Electricity
  • Consumers & Stakeholders
  • Events, Places & Spaces

Explore our blog, videos and rest of our site to learn more about what is sustainability, how it works and what part you can play in this transition to a new economy. Feel free to provide your feedback about topics you would like to learn about, suggest or contribute expertise.


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  1. Thanks Patti, sounds great! Am doing so right now, I appreciate your interest and input and look forward to finding synergies.

  2. Hi Steve.  I saw that you joined the group.  I am so pleased.  I hope we can get together to see how we can help San Antonio become more sustainable.  Please email me at your convenience so we talk a bit.  Patti

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