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Jess Mayes opened a plastic container filled with soil — and worms. He showed Tobin Hill neighborhood leader Carolyn Kelley the fruits of the labor he and other volunteers have put toward composting, worm harvesting and other organic gardening techniques at William R. Sinkin EcoCentro.

“We're not comfortable here yet, the place is so new,” Mayes smiled about San Antonio College's new building, which officially opened to the public on Earth Day, April 22.

“We're teaching things people should be doing to preserve this world for future generations. It's not just the good thing to do, but the right way to go.”

Located at 1802 N. Main Ave., EcoCentro is named in memory of the famed local community activist whose many pet issues included alternative energy.

EcoCentro provides free meeting/office space for neighborhood associations, and offers various low-cost and free workshops to area homeowners to promote environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The building is in the process of obtaining LEED certification. Its design incorporates solar energy, rain harvesting and reclaimed materials.

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