The Next Big Thing: Solar Freakin’ Carports : Greentech Media

Earlier this year, the internet swooned over the idea of turning everyday roads into solar energy systems that could power cities. The tagline of the inventors: "solar freakin' roadways."

Those without a deep background in energy or materials wondered what could possibly hold back such an innovative idea. Others responded by identifying the long list of problems.

At GTM Research, we focus on making sense of what is happening in the solar industry, spotting trends in technology, and forecasting how these changes will impact the market. Because they're still a far-off technology that may never be commercially viable, solar roadways are beyond the scope of our research.

But there's another environment full of asphalt and steel where solar panels can make a huge impact today: solar freakin’ carports.

via The Next Big Thing: Solar Freakin’ Carports : Greentech Media.

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