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  • Norway’s $1tn wealth fund to divest from oil and gas exploration

    The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, which manages $1tn (£770bn) of Norway’s assets, is to dump investments in firms that explore for oil and gas, but will still hold stakes in firms such as BP and Shell that have renewable energy divisions. The Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), whose assets exceed those of rival sovereign […]

  • An Open Letter To Be the Change and Lead the Change

    Whale blubber and buggy whips were once fine industries, but progress moved us away. And today we know the days are over of a false choice between environmental protection and economic growth. Since when did the simple concept of leaving the planet a better place for our kids become a partisan issue? We all benefit […]

  • Larry Fink, Tucker Carlson, David Brooks And The Call For A Capitalist Reformation

    A Capitalist System for the Future The perverse incentives inherent in a largely unconstrained capitalist system still exist. These incentives drive behaviors that increase inequality, reduce social mobility, devalue communities, deplete soils, acidify oceans, destroy biodiversity, trigger mass migrations and social instability, and fuel violence and war. These perverse incentives lead to concrete business practices […]

  • ‘This is not controversial’: Bipartisan group of economists calls for carbon tax with dividends

    Forty-five top economists from across the political spectrum are calling for the United States to put a tax on carbon, saying it is by far the best way for the nation to address climate change. Does this plan include exempting the fossil fuel industry from any kind of legal action or reparations for having lied […]

  • Texas Could See $100 Million In Solar Investments

    A deal announced Monday could mean a $100 million towards solar projects in Texas. Austin-based solar power company PowerFin Partners will develop and build the projects and Toronto-based real estate investors Fengate will finance the deals as part of today’s announced co-development deal. “Financing of solar projects is pretty difficult,” said Tuan Pham, president of […]

  • Does Connecticut’s Green Bank Hold the Secret to the Future of Clean Energy?

    With the goal of getting clean energy development less dependent on government funds, the state of Connecticut's Green Bank may be the model for success in a Trump presidency. Want to see how it compares to the Texas PACE program? Here are the links: Texas PACE Authority and Keeping PACE in Texas Source: Does Connecticut's […]

  • Sen. Menéndez Goes Solar, Calls for State Solar Incentives

    In an effort to promote renewable energy, State Sen. José Menéndez had solar panels installed on the roof of his Northside home Thursday. “On the one hand, I obviously feel good about leading by example, and not just with my words. But I wish that I wasn’t the first,” Menéndez said. “I wish that, as […]

  • Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables – Bloomberg Business

    The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. And there’s no going back. The shift occurred in 2013, when the world added 143 gigawatts of renewable electricity capacity, compared with 141 gigawatts in new […]

  • Bridges to New Solar Business Models

    Creating a sustainable long-term distributed photovoltaic (DPV) market will require aligning the interests of utilities, solar companies, technology providers, and customers. Aligning those interests does not mean discarding the business models that have served the solar market until now. Rather, it means enhancing legacy solar business models by creating an expanded value pool—one that makes […]

  • Bringing Shared Solar to Scale

    What happens when you really want solar but the obstacles seem too great? You may not have a suitable space. Or there may be a tree blocking your roof. Or you live in a condominium where you don’t have your own roof. This is where promising approaches for increasing customer access, such as shared solar, […]

  • Shell climate advisor David Hone talks with CCL about carbon pricing – Citizens’ Climate Lobby

    For a while now, we’ve been hearing that big oil companies have assigned an internal price on carbon in anticipation of societal response to global warming. Some companies, like Shell, have come out publicly for carbon pricing, which might seem counterintuitive to the casual observer. To wrap our arms around the oil companies’ perspective on […]

  • Solar Continues Trumping Fossil Fuel Pricing, With More Innovations To Come

    Solar Continues Trumping Fossil Fuel Pricing, With More Innovations To Come Solar power has come a long way in a short period of time. Just five years ago, the bulk of the energy community viewed it as being unreliable, expensive and difficult to source. Without massive government subsidies, utilities generally shunned solar, sticking with more […]

  • Show Me the [Efficiency] Money — Solutions Journal Summer 2014 — Medium

    Five real estate executives weigh in on what it will take to unlock $1.4 trillion in net energy savings through commercial building efficiency. RMI’s Reinventing Fire analysis shows how to tap into $1.9 trillion in saved energy costs in U.S. buildings through 2050, from an incremental investment of $0.5 trillion (both in present-valued 2009 $). […]

  • Fortune 500 Companies Declare Their “Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles”

    Imagine if several of the world’s largest companies joined together to make clear their common interests in accessing renewable energy. Such an accord, if it contained actionable intent, would send a potent signal to the energy market that corporate renewable energy demand is serious business. In fact this declaration has actually happened, thanks to World […]

  • Creating Investor-Ready Efficiency: The Industry Can’t Just Be a ‘Bunch of Cowboys’ : Greentech Media

    Will efficiency projects get sliced and diced like mortgages, car loans and rental units? Only if the industry gets serious about standards. For proof of how securitization can grow a market really quickly, consider the single-family home rental market. After the 2008 financial crisis (which was, in large part, caused by trading of very risky […]

  • World’s Biggest Fund Manager to Help Create Index That Bars Fossil Fuel Companies | InsideClimate News

    BlackRock, the world's biggest fund manager, has teamed up with London's FTSE Group to help investors avoid coal, oil and gas companies without putting their money at risk. In a sign that a global campaign against fossil fuels is entering the financial mainstream, companies that extract or explore for such fuels are excluded from a […]

  • Intelligent Efficiency: Innovations Reshaping the Energy Efficiency Market : Greentech Media

    A free special report Greentech Media is pleased to present a special report on “intelligent efficiency,” a new paradigm emerging in the market based on information awareness and data analytics. We present the first chapter of our report below. For more, you can download the full paper at the bottom of the page. Chapter 1: […]

  • Reinventing Existing Buildings: Eight Steps To Net Zero Energy

    Net zero energy buildings are becoming more mainstream as technologies and processes improve, and renewable energy becomes less costly. Increasingly, innovators are focusing on how to take existing buildings to net zero. Whether for new or existing buildings, getting to net zero means first maximizing energy efficiency, then adding renewable generation to cover remaining energy […]

  • New Report: San Antonio Ranks 6th in Nation for Solar Energy | Environment Texas

    SAN ANTONIO – A new report ranks San Antonio 6th in the nation for the amount of solar installed, and provides a first-of-its-kind comparative look at the growth of solar in major American cities. The Environment Texas Research and Policy Center report, Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution, finds that San […]

  • San Antonio shines as solar city – San Antonio Express-News

    SAN ANTONIO — Let's look at the sunny side of life: San Antonio is one of the nation's leading solar cities. The sixth-ranked city, per a report from Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, a nonprofit. The report ranked the leading cities of the 50 largest metro areas in the United States. For states that […]