Power Move: How On-Site Energy Solutions Can Help Save the Grid

Across the U.S., energy users of all sizes are taking control of their power supply and relieving stress from the grid. That’s the idea behind distributed energy. Atlantic Re:think and Siemens partnered to explore this burgeoning energy revolution in 360º video.

The traditional power grid is under tremendous pressure. In many places, infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Extreme weather and cybersecurity are constant concerns. These challenges threaten entire communities and businesses, from hospital networks to manufacturing plants and university systems. Technology now offers more solutions than early energy pioneers could’ve fathomed as they designed the central grid some 150 years ago. There are now more ways to support and complement the grid than ever before. It’s time to tap into these innovations.

Whether the challenge is energy generation, distribution, storage, or management, all can be addressed through a single solution: on-site energy control. Often called distributed energy, this increases reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact. The Siemens portfolio of on-site energy solutions offers users greater control over their energy supply, where it comes from, how sustainable it is, how they use it, and how much they pay for it. It allows them to restore customer and grid power during a complete blackout, and it plays an integral role in the grid’s digital transformation. The technologies are being implemented in new as well as legacy systems, as Siemens helps decision makers across the country to navigate the unique challenges they face. It’s time to take advantage of this technology and overhaul the system; to develop a more economically and environmentally resilient and sustainable approach to how we power our lives.

Source: Power Move: How On-Site Energy Solutions Can Help Save the Grid • The Atlantic Sponsor Content • Siemens

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